Child Protection Training, a criminal background check, and a sex offender background check is MANDATORY for adults over the age of 18 who will be attending camp. In order to help your church meet requirement, the Camp Managers of the Texas Baptist Camping Association have written a training curriculum that has been approved by the Department of State Health Services .

Each adult must complete a one hour training video with a 25 question test at the conclusion of the training video. The curriculum is available to your church, free of use, but they must be completed PRIOR to arrival at camp.

The following websites can assist you with background checks:

Texas Department of Public Safety


Both links will require you to make an account. 

After completing the video, please administer the exam included at the end of the training curriculum, and print a training certificate for all who score 75% or better on the exam. These certificates are valid for two years and can be used at any Texas Camp. Give the original to the individual and make a photo copy to bring with you to the camp. The exam key is available by calling the camp office (940) 855-4182.

CLICK HERE to access the Child Abuse Prevention Training videos. This will also require you to make an account on Ministry Grid.