Chaparral Facilities

Chaparral has recently undergone many new upgrades and additions to our facilities.  Our new Youth Retreat Lodge gives us the ability to serve over 500 guests with accommodations and dining services.  We also need to mention that all twin mattresses at Chaparral have been replaced with Tempurpedics. 

Why not consider using us for your next planned group outing. 

We would like to invite you to become our guests and experience all that Chaparral has to offer. 

  • Conference Center

    This all in one facility will hold up to 600 people or can be arranged for 150 people with round table seating.  This facility is also equipped with current audio and video capabilities.  For weekend groups, an overnight stay is required for use of the Conference Center. 

  • 26 Hotel Rooms

    Our 26 hotel style rooms will provide a restful sleep with no media distractions. This facility has a minimum group size of 40 persons at our double occupancy rate plus meals. This is a perfect facility for men and women retreats, conferences, training events, scrapbooking groups, seminars...just to name a few.  

    Click here for a listing of our individual room bed counts. 

  • Youth Retreat Lodge

    This is our newest facility at Chaparral.  It has 6 separate sleeping areas with 18 beds per, for a total of 108 capacity.  Our Youth Retreat Lodge is conveniently connected to the east end of our Hotel area and Conference Center.  So you can think of this facility as extra bed capacity for use with our Conference Center. 

  • Dining Hall

    At Chaparral we don't serve traditional "camp food". We go out of our way to prepare tasty, healthy and desirable restaurant quality meals for our guests. We can comfortably seat 350 people but can hold as many as 400. We have one of the best salad bars around.  Drinks and desserts are always included.

  • Retreat Center

    The Retreat Center has ten separate suites, each sleeps 11 individuals. You'll have one of your best nights of sleep in years on one of our new Tempurpedic mattresses. Each suite has its own heating and cooling unit. This is our only building that comes with a fully equipped kitchen for guest use. The large auditorium will seat 150.

    A minimum group size of 30 is required to reserve the Retreat Center.

  • Camp Lodges

    Each of these three lodges will accommodate 52 people, 26 on each side. Each lodge has Tempurpedic mattresses, a meeting area with a fireplace and central heat and air conditioning. The meeting room will accomodate up to 75 people. A perfect venue for youth and leadership retreats.  A minimum group size of 20 is needed to reserve a lodge.

  • Fielding Dorm

    The Fielding dorm has spacious accommodations for 92. The building is divided into two sleeping areas. This dorm has two large bath areas, as well as central heat and air-conditioning & Tempurpedic mattresses. It is located next to the dining hall with a great view of the Disc Golf Course.